Top Questions

Do you have any energy-star certificate?

ETC and AHRI  

How long is that last?

For at least 20 years.

Why mini-split heathier than central AC system?

No duct to carry dust, and multi-stage filtration. It is also allergy free.  

How to clean the unit?

Open up front panel and take out the filter, you can clean filter with water.  

What is the warranty policy?

5 years on compressor and 1 year on parts.

Who will do the electrical job?

Customer must have contact a certified electrician to install a 230 V / 30 Amp disconnect box next to condenser before we can install the Mini-Split unit.  

Any maintenance?

Clean the filter with soapy water quarterly.

Why is Hessaire a better option?

You get the same quality product at a more affordable price. 

Will you have some smart feature that allow AC can be turned on/off automatically?

 Yes, we will offer those features shortly.